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Hi. Welcome to the garden of Scrawly delights.

We’re marking 15 years of book and print publishing this year and we’re celebrating with a whole raft of special prints by Scrawl artists past and present and artists we’ve collaborated with from all over the world. It’s a strange feeling for us as we’ve never been a particularly nostalgic bunch, preferring to look ahead rather than dwell on some past glory or ill perceived golden age but it is proving to be a lot of fun. That being said we think it’s important we continue to pursue what we see as our raison d’etre; the discovery, promotion and encouragement of new street art, illustration and graphic design talent. So interspersed between what we have taken to calling the “Bloody hell, has it really been 15 years? Print collection”, we will be doing our usual releases from up and coming talent.

We're kicking May off with a print from a couple of guys called Karl Grandin and Bjorn Atldax who work together as Vår. They're based out in Stockholm and we met them way back in 2002 when we collaborated on a project for the world cup. We're delighted to be able to work with them again and the print they've designed for us has only doubled that delight. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is an intricate and painstakingly executed drawing that we've released as an edition of just 25. We hope you like it.

Signed Silkscreen Prints By Artist

  1. Andy Lohner
  2. Chris Bourke
  3. Cosmo Sarson
  4. Daniel Halsall
  5. Danny Sangra
  6. Dave Anderson
  7. David Walker
  8. Hampus Ericstam
  9. Hannah Adamaszek
  10. Hot Chip
  11. Hutch
  12. Jo Peel
  13. Joel Clifford
  14. Mr Frivolous
  15. Mr Jago
  16. Myne
  17. Nick Purser
  18. Otto Schade
  19. Paul Richards
  20. PhlAsh
  21. Ric's Cosmic Garage
  22. RYCA
  23. Sam Green
  24. Seb Lester
  25. Steff Plaetz
  26. Tom Lohner
  27. Vår
  28. Valerio Pierbattista
  29. Will Ainley
  30. Will Barras

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